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Exporting to the United States

Every information inside this book is as brief and complet as possible in order to answer the specific needs of exporters, overlooking the less interesting details for the producers.

A floppy disk
(Apple orPC) with more than 2000 up-to-date adresses of american importers with the buyer's name.

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Federal laws relative to your obligations in the wine exportation and commercialization in the american market detailed in full. State regulations are summed up.The complete list of state regulations is available through each state authority.

Technical files present all the information given by importers while answering to a questionnaire sent to 800 among them, after personal visits and several phone contacts. And, of course, we refer to american professional magazines which regularly publish a large number of informations about wines and liquors importers.

Exporting to Europe

This book includes :

  • More than 400 technical files about the main wine and liquors importers and distributors in Europe.

  • A floppy disk (Apple or Pc) with more than 2 000 up-to-date adresses of european importers with the buyer's name.

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Anne-Catherine VIGOUROUX's Bio

In the eighties, Anne-Catherine VIGOUROUX went to the United States in order to promote the wines from the South West of France, and specifically the "Black Wine of CAHORS". She then travelled around the country and met a lot of importers, distributors, major retailers as well as journalists. Revue de presse

Her books

VIGOUROUX has since published 2 major books on wine-importers in Europe and in the USA.
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Our selection of domains

Anne-Catherine's experience allows her to approach importers of wine worldwide with a selection of fine domains wines . Our selection..
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For several months, we have been able to use the new concepts offered by the web : It results in an on-line chat, offering on-line consulting and conferences. Rendez-vous with us at a precise date and hour and we'll be delighted to chat with you and your representatives (wherever you are in this world !) for the price of a local call. Determine a date ?En savoir plus.

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