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A powerful communication tool

An exhaustive presentation of this unique communication tool, which allows people to communicate worldwide for the cost of a local call, is certainly unuseful. Since 1992, wine-business professionals use it and thousands of sites were created. The question is : how can I stand above any other on the Web ? Which target am I aiming to ? What's my commercial objective ?


First of all, the Internet is a network made out of thousands of inter-connected computers in order to send and receive messages and documents by e-mail. This technology has now reached its cruising speed and successfully replaces the fax-based communication. Between Paris and New-York, the transit of a 40 pages document only costs the equivalent of a 2 minutes conversation !

Atlantic Diffusion aims to help you integrate this new technology in your enterprise :
e-mail formation, animation of your mail box to improve your reaction power... Ask us !

Making a "lively" WebSite

Many producers stepped into the Web because of its modernity. Making a WebSite presenting their domaines is but a first step, animation and modification of its editorial content is another challenge, one which demands time and disponibility. However, animation is crucial for your site to attract and keep your audience interested.

Atlantic Diffusion proposes to take charge of the editorial content of your website in order to maintain its audience rate and make it more and more attractive.

Improve your "on-line" marketing

The main problem for a website is legibility : How to stand above others presenting quite the same services and/or products ? From business to business (services for professionals) contacts to the public at large (advertising actions), your site must constantly adapt to its target and challenge its competitors.

Atlantic Diffusion can make an audit of your WebSite and proposes solutions to improve it legibility through a professional submission in all research guides (yahoo, voila, etc...), "on-line" marketing actions such as contacting importers by e-mail, establishing partnerships in order to create "interests communities" and developing any other action, both internal and external to the network.

Don't wait too long ! Reserve your "communication space" on the Web
today !

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Anne-Catherine VIGOUROUX's background.

In the eighties, Anne -Catherine VIGOUROUX went to the United States in order to promote the wines from the South West of France, and specifically the "Black Wine of CAHORS". She then travelled around the country and met a lot of importers, distributors, major retailers as well as journalists. Revue de presse

Her books

VIGOUROUX has since published 2 major books on wine-importers in Europe and in the USA.

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Our selection of domaines

Anne-Catherine's experience allows her to approach importers of wine worldwide with a selection of fine domaines wines . Our selection..
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Our on-line chat

For several months, we have been able to use the new concepts offered by the web : It results in an on-line chat, offering on-line consulting and conferences. Rendez-vous with us at a precise date and hour and we'll be delighted to chat with you and your representatives (wherever you are in this world !) for the price of a local call. Determine a date ?En savoir plus.

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